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Emi Blaser

If you ask someone who knows me to introduce me with six statements, this is what they would say. In fact, this is exactly what a group of 6 friends agreed on when I asked them this question, and I decided to share the results with you all in all their embarrassing glory:
1) She goes above and beyond for those she cares about, no questions asked and is incredibly gracious
2) She loves to cook and bake, and is pretty darn good at it
3) She loves to laugh and have fun, the goofier the better, and she is funny
4) She loves animals; more than anyone should conceivably love animals
5) She loves to create; from planning a party to painting to writing a lesson to solving a problem- artsy, creative, innovative
6) She cares, deeply, about a great many things, and will throw herself into those things.

I worked in a few industries after college before going back to school to become a teacher. My mom is an amazing teacher who I have looked up to my whole life, and I have learned many teaching lessons from her. My teaching philosophy is every child matters, and every child is unique, and it is my job to tailor my teaching so that each child has the opportunity to succeed. I am all about developing students' social-emotional capabilities and helping them become the best people they can be. I am all for play and student-driven learning and take a guide role rather than just a giver of knowledge. I am just starting out, so I get to be as idealistic as I want, and hope I can always retain the best parts of that idealism as I learn more!

Areas of Interest: 
Whole Child,
Project-Based Assessment,
Integrated Learning,
Social-Emotional Development,

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