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Ron Shuali

As founder of Shua Life Skills, I have effectively helped thousands of children to become physically and mentally fit. My goal and that of the fitness consultants I employ, centers on teaching and educating adults and children about the different ways that they can train their bodies and minds while incorporating necessary life skills like respect, discipline and teamwork. With Shua Life's unique conditioning programs we can teach anyone how to get stronger, faster, increase flexibility, reduce pain, strengthen their heart and lungs and so much more. We make sure that our students have so much fun during workouts that they make fitness a lifestyle change.

I am a Rutgers University graduate, and have devoted years to studying philosophy, psychology and other modalities in order to understand the mind with a special focus on children and their development. I am an entrepreneur, author of numerous articles and soon to be released book entitled, Building the 21st Century Child. Additionally, I am a black belt martial arts instructor, certified personal trainer, former professional wrestler, FIT (tm) master instructor, reiki master, a public speaker and member of the National Speakers Association.

Areas of Interest: 
Behavior Management,
Bully Prevention,
Outsmarting Strangers,
Martial Arts

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