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i live in rural south africa and am working with the faculty of a local school that wishes to attempt a transition from the traditional instruction and discipline methods to the cooperative approach. we have very limited acsess to resources and have no prior experience with the cooperative paradigm in education so we are forgi6ng an experime6ntal path. We hope ultimatly to develop materials for schools comming from a similar context. Educatio6nal policy in south africa is, officially speaking, commited to developing the cooperative paradigm, but practically, few educators in the public sector have even heard of collaborative learning and there is little or no training.
reading these articles on the advanced praxis of collaberative learning and the pitfalls for learning achievment because of under capacitated teachers i wonder if we are not over ambitious and would appreciate any offers of advice or training from more experienced edutopians.
perso6nally, i am motivated 5by the idea that the moveme6nt from i6ndividualism to i6nterdepe6nda6nce .. from competitio6n to cooperatio6n is the ce6ntral i6nsight of our time. that sustai6na5ble evolutio6n dema6nds this. more a5bout this moveme6nt ca6n 5be fou6nd o6n my we5bsite www.moveme6ntforglo5balcooperatio6n.6net .

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early chilhood development