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My name is Jason Cross and I am an educator. I have spent years developing new ideas to help bring the digital age into the analog classroom. Currently I am Principal of Legacy Academy iSchool in Elizabeth Colorado, where I have been able to enjoy the blessing of bringing iPad technology to 450 well deserving students. I have seen this technology in the hands of students transform lives. It has brought adaptive technology to help students who struggle to keep up, and has allowed all other students to grow and prosper at their own pace. As we look into the near future and see exciting changes in robotics, energy and technology it is hard to imagine the challenges that this next generation of students will face.

It is important that the next generation not be limited to using technology, but to adapt and create with all of the tools that they will have the opportunity to utilize. As machines and equipment become more adaptable to our lives, they will be an intrinsic part of what we do every day. The modern Kindergartner has never lived in a world where the entirety of human information is not at the palm of their hands. In 20 years from now that student will be living in a world that is not comprehensible by today's measurements.

Education needs to change. It isn't about technology specifically, it is about rethinking what learning is really all about. The success of future generations of students relies on critical thinking and the ability to learn on the go. The days of strict memorization and recall will no longer work in a world of excess information. We need to purpose education to be more engaging by allowing youth to solve problems and create content. We need to inspire the next generation to not be users, but innovators and creators.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website. Be sure to visit my blog where I frequently post about things I am discovering about technology education. As I move forward I am beginning to research new ways to increase student engagement in school and in the classroom, and I will be posting that information as it comes along under the action research link. If you would like to contact me, you can do so by using the ask me anything link from the blog. I will try and respond as quickly as possible.

With best wishes,

-Jason Cross-

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