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Dr. John Birks

Following a 28-year career as a chemistry professor, I founded a small technology company, 2B Technologies, which invents, designs and manufactures portable intruments for air pollution measurements. Recently, I founded the Global Ozone Project or "GO3 Project" where students at middle and high schools around the world measure ground-level ozone outside their schools using state-of-the-art instrumentation and upload their data to Google Earth. As of May 2011 we have approximately 45 US schools and 35 international "sister" schools participating in this project where students are creating the world's first global ozone monitoring network. We are looking for more corporate sponsors with the goal of having more than 1000 schools participating over the next three years. You can learn about the GO3 Project at

Areas of Interest: 
STEM education,
environmental education,
air pollution,
Antarctic ozone hole,
acid rain,
global warming

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