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Darcie Smith

I am continuously interested in how struggling students learn. I have found that teaching methods have not evolved much since Huey wrote about them in 1908. Our concept of how the brain works has also not evolved past the discovery of the neuron and Cajal's neuron doctrine in the early 1900's.

Glial cell research, with the possibility of 'symphonic' type learning based on the interactions of chemicals with a fluid pool, better describes the learning that I see happening with children in my classroom. We need to teach to the 'Ah Ha' moment rather than focus on the 'force feeding' of regulated curriculum. Without a new understanding of learning and the brain to direct educational philosophy, we remain in the neurology driven patterns of the last century.

Areas of Interest: 
Brain research,
finding methods to help children who are struggling that are clinically significant,
Debunking research methods touting to be effective teaching methods with effect sizes in the 0.2 range,
and those claiming to be effective with only statistically significant results.

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