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Ronald Randall

As president of, I run a firm delivering over the web client-customized data services that help F500 companies manage and market their surplus capital equipment. I am an honors graduate of MIT and the Harvard Business School and begain my career in educational technology, becoming a contributing editor of Education Technology Magazine.

I am now seeking to diversify my business into data services for schools, to help them:

1. Adopt, extend and customize the Core Curriculum Standards into mapped curricula around which they can build more individualized instructional programs;

2. Manage the logistics of dynamically scheduling group activities, with assigned staff and facilities, within an environment shaped primarily by individualized learning paths using web-connected tablets running a mapped curriculum.

I believe the educational technology for delivering instruction is way ahead of the managerial and logistical capacity of schools to handle it, and seek to provide the planning and operational tools, as data services, to help them adopt and fully exploit that technology.

Areas of Interest: 
Core Curriculum Standards,
Curriculum Mapping,
Individualized Instruction,
Scheduling Systems

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