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Henry Whitlow

I run a small company in Atlanta Ga, which specializes in promoting comprehensive school system support. Our focus is on helping districts raise and utilize federal and other grants to create universal access to web based resources without adding either capitol or maintenance expense to the tax payers.

Qwk2lrn: An affordable e-ratable wired terminal server technology tool that delivers your favorite, self paced curriculum and instructions tailored to state accountability and standards. The great speed and accuracy of Qwk2lrn captures the student's attention and allows a master teacher to coach their interest and grasp of challenging materials in an engaging environment.
* Proven reading and math program generating consistent dramatic (up to double digit) test score improvements within the first 90 instructional days
* Proven credit recovery program for high schools
* Provides Real-Time access to materials to teach, re-teach and monitor specific skills at the classroom teacher's discretion, "on-demand"
* 7 year Real-Time classroom performance level warranty on all components (mainframes, workstations, web-sites, software)
* Financing options for including non-Erate complements with no impact on current budget

Areas of Interest: 
Low income schools,
classroom automation,
federal grants,
rural education

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