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Bill Hansen

I've been a teacher since 1978. I graduated from U. of Wisconsin-Parkside in '78 and began teaching on the Turtle Mountain indian Reservation, Belcourt, ND, later that year. In 1980 I began teaching in a small district in Wisconsin (about 40 miles west of Madison)where I taught until 1997. I taught history and geography, coached track and cross country, and youth soccer (in Madison).
I'm also a veteran of the Navy (70-74) and the Army Reserve (86-96) where I taught Basic Field Medic and NBC Defense.
I'm married and have 5 children (ages 15 to 33). I lived in Madison for 27 years, but now live in Appleton, Wisconsin, and work at a medium security prison in Oshkosh. It's the most rewarding job I have ever had.

Areas of Interest: 
Curriculum integration,
history (any and all),
school restructuring,
the Cubs and the Bears (the teams..not the animals..not that there is anything wrong with them).

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