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David Alan Foster

I have thirty-plus years in interdisciplinary design: graphics, packaging, publications, typography, environments, and industrial/product design and development; as well as marketing communications and technical writing and illustration. I have been at the forefront of digital typography, digital graphic arts, imaging and publications, renewable energies, waste management systems, and strategic idea and business development. I have served with a broad array of businesses and nonprofits in strategic design, marketing communications and consulting. I'm currently the Founder and Executive Director of Designfluence, Design Director and Principal of Design Earth, Consulting Manager with Renewables West, and consultant to SV Green Tech Corp. My passions are disruptive design/products/systems, alternative education, cross-industry interaction, the collaborative open-source movement, and extremely affordable products for BOP frontier markets.

Areas of Interest: 
radically-affordable design,
design for humanity,
hands-on learning