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I am a homeschooling mom of two incredible teens that both have medical issues that prevent them from attending public school.

We live in North Idaho and deal with a lot of crazy people who think we need to make more cuts in education, some books need to be banned, and a specific group continually attend the local school board meetings to accuse them of indoctrinating children into being part of some crazy conspiracy of the United Nations. They actually believe they are tricking our kids into believing in Global Warming, which they say does not exist and that they are also being brainwashed into serving the evil President Obama. It's absolutely ridiculous, but sad and scary because they really believe it! Yikes!

I served as PTA President for my children's elementary school for three years so I have a unique knowledge of how much teachers spend out of their own meager paychecks to keep their classes going. I think it is a violation of the constitution that we are not providing the level of public education that the founders envisioned.

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