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Jeffrey Pflaum

A Contemplator in the Cyberspace Age

Who am I? I found answers teaching my students about their creativity, a forgotten area that needs to be addressed in the schools. I helped kids understand their creative and everyday lives, to be mindful and focus, to discover self-motivation independently, and to discover an organic purpose for learning. Once children penetrate these inside worlds, they begin to see the world outside in fresh, imaginative, perceptive ways and realize the possibilities before them.

For thirty-four years as an inner-city elementary school teacher (NYCDOE, retired in 2002) to the present, I developed original, innovative, and progressive projects in Emotional Intelligence, character education, values clarification, creativity, concentration, writing, reading, thinking, poetry, and vocabulary, which culminated in a book titled Motivating Teen and Preteen Readers: How Teachers and Parents Can Lead the Way (Rowman & Littlefield Education, August 2011). Read an insightful review of the book at http://www.examiner.com/review/motivating-your-kids-to-read by journalist Kecia Burcham. I consider myself a teacher-developer-researcher-experimentalist who was not satisfied with the traditional curricula in reading and writing (EI was unheard of at the time) so I began making up stuff: call it experimental education.

My students' poetry has been published in college, writers', gifted secondary, and children's literary journals, as well as in magazines, newspapers, and by major commercial publishers. The poetry juxtaposed with their prose in a compilation titled, "There's a Soul Arising in My Mind," has been read on "Poetry-In-The-Morning" (WNYE-FM), sponsored by the Teachers & Writers Collaborative in NYC. I have written articles about my projects in professional magazines and newspapers (Teachers & Writers and New York Teacher). An article in New York Newsday, "Making Life a Matter of Meter," describes my kids' poetry and prose whose source was an original form of writing called "Contemplation" or "Music" Writing.

I am currently a BAM! Street Journal Blogger on the BAM Radio Network, serving the greater education community (www.bamradionetwork.com). Check out my posts on EI, reading, music writing, teaching, and learning. I have been interviewed about my work and book on Internet radio shows such as "Journey to Center," "Healing Through Creativity," Unplugged Mom," "The Learning Curve," with upcoming shows on "Pure Imagination," "The Literary Showcase," "LearningRx," and "Online with Andrea." My profile page, "Creativity, Imagination, and Motivation," is: www.blogtalkradio.com/jeffreypflaum. Go to www.amazon.com for more information about my book. For additional articles on Music or Contemplation Writing, its various offshoots and practical applications, please contact me at: jeffreyppflaum@gmail.com.

Areas of Interest: 
Emotional Intelligence,
Intrinsic Motivation,

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