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One way of speaking about an educational legacy is to think about how the way "I live life" leaves footprints. The footprints I may leave could be a "trail of crumbs" for others to follow a la Hansel and Gretel. Using this metaphor further, the depth of my footprints would be related to living a full life - letting gravity of my actions and beliefs add depth to my legacy. The length and width of my footprints would be connected to aligning my life to critical ongoing issues and concerns that will continue to be of interest into the future.

Another way of tracking the impact of my footprint legacy would be to look at the number of footprints that join mine at certain junctures of my life as well as those that diverge from my chosen paths. And probably most telling of all those times when my footprints travel a course counter to conventional pathways.

By choosing to make an authentic journey and sharing what I learned along the way with other fellow travelers - I am building a legacy by daily putting one footprint in front of another.

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pubic schools,
language promotion: foreign and domestic,
sharing tech tools,

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