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My working career started in information technology from a programming perspective and moved into sales and then management. I worked for several National companies and International companies delivering large scale Information Technology and Telecommunication contracts. When I started having children in 2001 I moved out of the Information Technology industry and took over the Administration and IT management of my husbands law office.

I began researching schools for my children and found my way to Montessori. I then started doing a significant amount of volunteer work for Perth Montessori which lead in turn to my employment in the capacity of enrolments and marketing. It is a extremely satisfying position in which I still employ a large amount of my IT skills now in the social networking arena as I work to build knowledge about the school and Montessori in general to the wider community.

Simply, I love working at Perth Montessori. It is a fantastic community full of wonderful people who care about the future of kids. It is warm, fun, engaging and very very busy!

Areas of Interest: 
Social Media,
Project-Based Learning,
Well being,

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