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Centrul Gifted Education

Centrul Gifted Education is a nonprofit to support gifted children, ECHA Member, partner of Universitatea Bucuresti, one of the most active Romanian non-profit focused on supporting gifted and talented children and youth on their development to reach their full potential.


Gifted children need the FIRST GIFTED EDUCATION CENTER to get the education they need to reach their full potential.
We need 1 million EUR to key-launch it. Give them HOPE. Support the cause!
1. Biggest truth of all: Gifted kids are a vulnerable social group with special education needs. Law 17/2007 affirms their right to proper education
2. They waste. They get cornered in society and risk alienation. Gifted underground abound And they are also a nation's WEALTH!
3. Anyone understands if you have the body of 16 and a mind of 8. But none knows how it feels to be at 8 with a mind of 16!
4. How can you help? Pay it forward to these kids. It's easy. Be our friend. Donate. Get involved. Get in the network. Read more:

Areas of Interest: 
innovation in education,
opportunities in education