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Janice Holter Kittok

After 25 years as a K-12 Spanish teacher where I primarily taught curriculum that I created with out-of-the-box whole language strategies like content-based instruction, immersion and storytelling (as opposed to memorization of grammar rules), I launched my consulting business. Now I focus my energy on sharing whole language instructional strategies with foreign language teachers. Teaching learners to understand language before trying to analyze language leads all students to success in developing communicative skills (via different learning styles and of course at different rates of learning). While learners are quickly developing language skills, they can also be learning biographies, histories and other stories that lead to discovering the world's cultures. Imagine learning about the world while learning how to communicate with its peoples at the same time. All people can learn languages at any age. There are more possibilities for language learning than most people (especially Americans) ever imagined.

Areas of Interest: 
interdisciplinary content in the language curriculum,
language learning for ALL students/ALL ages

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