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I currently work with a focus on new ventures in education models that better bring together the skills students need in the real world.

I became an educator to better learn the system from an organizational level. My focus has been on ways to make the skills needed in our current economy match those taught in the education system. Such insights have been brought on by the works of Jim Collins, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, TED, Tim Ferriss and Josh Kaufmann. Included with these authors, my personal study involves a self-created MBA of sorts via CreativeLive, Edx, Coursera, and volunteering in the non-profit sector to better understand the world of business.

My life-long project involves building a more internationally-connected learning experience - using telepresence to redesign the education structure. I envision the global classroom, a hybrid curriculum that has cross-cultural infusion - like study abroad meets pen pal, open and available for students of all backgrounds.

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