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I have been teaching Sped for 8 years now. This is by far the worst year. The District threthened to redisignate my position to resource if I dt pass all four subtest for the English CSET. Mind you, my high school children read at BR-0 to maybe 4th grade. Yet need to have the equalent to a Master's in English to be"high qualified" to teacher 1st grade reading. Being a who does not back down, I did complete this challenge, however, I am not sure it was worth the stress. I currently teach freshmenboys are so out of line, swearing freely, refusing to work or follow directions. When asked for help from admin, I get,"you just need to motivate them". They write nasty things in books I have bought, destroy school property and I just need to motivate them? WE recently recevwed a notice from out union rep, who told us to 'be very careful how you talk to the students, as the district is taking the side of the parents and it could cost you your job.
I have had an immune disorder now for 2 years. My scalf burn and I have a very sever case oo pariasis on my head I have been under a doctors care now for 2 years, takening Zanax not sleeping and it goes on and on. I would apply for disbility if I knew how. Right now I am planning on retiring this fall and taking a job in Hana ( class size is 12 and they actually want to learn!. I guess that is one of the blessing of being a Special Education teacher, you are in demand all over the world.

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