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Sensible Solutions

Sensible Solutions is an educational publishing company that is dedicated to providing quality teaching aids and assessments. Our ACCESS assessments are currently being implemented in school systems around the country and are growing daily as the word gets spread. These formative assessments are eligible for Title I funding if necessary and integrate easily into any curriclulum. We also offer Common Core teaching aids and lessons such as book reports, article analyses and poem analyses, all built FOR the Common Core State Standards. We are striving to help teachers make a smooth transition to the new standards and are showcasing the best products on the market in order to help them and will continue to offer new, innovative products as they are developed. Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact us any time for more information at 1-888-9TEACH9 or email us at contact@sensibleschoolsolutions.com or sensibleschoolsolutions@gmail.com

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