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Linda Woodard

My 31st year teaching and not satisfied with the direction education is going. Hmmmm... "not satisfied" may be the incorrect phrase...and perhaps scared may be better! I am one who truly feels NCLB needs to be terminated, and our schools totally revamped, so we are ALL basically on the same page; and that page would have many of the European ideologies on it (and one being that not all children are made for a 12 year education, so let them graduate at age 16 with a skill and a diploma)!

And with that said, if we have so many innovative schools here in the states, and if they work that well, why are they not the "standard" for all??? I know our county is BIG and we have strong "states rights", but when I see what is working in other countries, I feel like we need to work together more and not be so fragmented! Expectations should be the same everywhere as well as the grading scale. AND business should be LEFT out of it! From what I can tell, no where else is education "big business" as it it here... GRRRRR, rant over... and probably NOT what this section was for ;-)!

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