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Edward V. Beck

Edward V. Beck, a human being (not doing) values character above skill and integrity above smarts, and purposely curtails action and pragmatic thinking to promote being the complex being God has designed him to be. This is not to indict activity and practicality, but to ensure that the wide-angled lens of thoughtfulness takes in enough light to eradicate a negative image and fully capture the still and significant portrait of self as the self is intrinsically designed and endowed by the Creator. He'd rather praise God's works than his own. Nevertheless, he is no adrenaline junky--though he can enjoy fast activities as well as anyone--but he is more stoked by quiet, methodical and measured activity, and his adrenaline is activated and his excitement engaged more by metaphysical than physical considerations and realities. Consequently, he enjoys above all things to be in a quiet room reading, studying, praying and reflecting/meditating upon Scripture, Christian biographies, theological writings, the classics and poetry.
I am currently unemployed and on disability due to diabetic problems and thyroid issues. I hope to get better/healed, and to reenter the teaching field I was beginning to enter fulltime before these setbacks. I manage a blog: I also do Christian teaching (but not much anymore).

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