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Becky Fisher

Becky loves building things that promote creativity and believes that education technology should be cultivating a generation of passionate learners. She has a background in music education, curriculum development, and design thinking, and has done extensive research on the cognitive benefits of multimedia storytelling.

Becky worked as an elementary school music teacher in Brookline, MA, pioneering the program and developing an original curriculum, including multiple ensembles, general music, and a full after-school program. In addition to her teaching experience, she designed an online literacy initiative for middle school students that promotes 21st-century skill development and serves on the marketing team for the Harvard Arts in Education alumni organization. Becky currently works as a consultant for various educational organizations including Edutopia, EdSurge, and independent startups. She has also worked for Kidaptive, the American Repertory Theater, the Cambridge Public Schools, Launchpad Toys, and Fablevision.

Becky has a bachelor's degree in music education from Northwestern University and a master's degree in education from Harvard University.

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