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Anne Oswalt

I work at a high school that offers advanced academics and 20+ technical and career fields, such as carpentry, cosmetology, architecture, photography, auto repair and health/science technology. After 4 years in a typical classroom, I am now teaching & collaborating in a computer lab (thank you lucky stars). In 2012, I implemented the "Flipped Classroom" model along with several other rouge teachers at my campus. Recently, I stepped down from the District Advisory Committee and will focus on the new Strategic Planning TASK Force. Additionally I serve as a Homecoming Sponsor ("Best Decorated" hall 3 years in a row); I like to write glorious College recommendations for deserving students and I dabble in a little ghost writing with some of the gifted senior essayists. Oh, I also freelance as a choreographer for another school that is known for its exemplary fine arts program (the school won a Grammy a few years back). My degree from Texas Wesleyan University is in Mass Communications (advertising/pr) and I worked as a PR Account Executive, Dance Studio Owner/Director and SAT Instructor prior to getting into public education. I guess my test prep background will come in handy with the state of Texas' current love affair with high-stakes testing.

Areas of Interest: 
discount-bargain hunting