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Vicki Heisler

I have been teaching for 36 years in public schools--preschool, Kindergarten, first grade, 3-5 grades, special education for learning disabled and mentally handicapped, severe and profound mentally handicapped multi-handicapped, preservice teachers, staff development for inservice teachers. I am married and the mother of two grown sons. I have taught at seven different schools, under fifteen different principals and seven superintendents. I have won numerous awards for my teaching and community involvement. I work with my husband, who is a full-time volunteer at my school after becoming medically retired from his 27-year career as a respiratory therapist. I love my husband, my sons, my extended family, learning and growing in the presence of children, challenging myself, reading, nature, writing, dance and music of all types. I use a wheelchair for walking beyond my classroom and a four-point cane indoors. I am a published writer, having written a newspaper column for fourteen years (about education and family issues), educational television shows, poetry, picture books, young adult novels (fantasy and historical fiction), and teacher how-to books.

Areas of Interest: 
special education,
elementary education,
early childhood education,
arts in regular classroom,
social studies,
children's literature,
National Writing Project (fellow)