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Jodi Coffee Adams

When I first went to college, we were still typing term papers on typewriters. Yes, you read that correctly...typewriters! We went to the library to do research, took notes on college-rule paper, and submitted our work by handing it to the professor, hoping that he or she wasn't a total stickler for the rules and would ignore the minor corrections made with an ink pen. Fortunately, for my personal education into the world of computers and technology, I owned a business that was heavily dependent on the latest information regarding shipping routes and delivery times, so I was forced to learn all there was to know about keeping a small business network up and running, as well as all the Microsoft Office products that can keep a small business moving in the right direction.

When the bottom line means the difference between paying your employees and not paying your employees during the lean months, you quickly learn how to fix computers cheaply, run wiring yourself, create your own invoices for accounts receivables, and depend on tech geek friends that knew more than you did to show you stuff. (Thanks, Morehart, if you ever read this!) You could say that I'm a graduate of the technology school of hard knocks. This knowledge, coupled with a Masters degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, has prepared me for the classroom, and enabled me to teach the subjects I am passionate about.

Areas of Interest: 
High School of Business,
1:1 initiatives,
closing the achievement gap,
technology integration,
21st Century Skills,
Common Core Standards

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