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Christopher Koestner

I work to understand what makes each child tick. I try to see how I would perceive my instruction if I were sitting at one of my student's desks. Would I get what this guy is talking about is my most valuable reflection question. In order to effectively teach, I feel educators need to consider what colors each child's perspective; therefore, we can find the best avenue to connect the information with its individualized destination.

In my instruction, I am fortunate to devise my own curriculum and to take risks. I place a great deal of emphasis on traditional elements of English Language Arts, but I also temper the orthodox with what I term "rebellious intelligence", or the ability to question the norms and develop one's own path. Students in my classes are held to high standards, but what determines those standards is not a test that pits them against one another but a holistic consideration of where they were and where they are now.

I love education. It's what I am good at. I look forward to future endeavors in curriculum development, administration, policy, etc.

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