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Sally Adams

My name is SallyA. I'm a teacher, musician, actor, director, author and lover of the arts. I am confident there is art and beauty in all things: the cook who lovingly plates a meal, the mom who arranges her daughter's hair in thoughtful braids, the engineer who stays up late because the CAD program is so much fun. There are plenty of things in life we do because we feel responsible for the mechanics of living; we want to be clean, fed, organized. But these are all things we do to maintain our lives. We go to school to learn what we need to know to go out into the world and earn money. We earn money not for its own sake but so we can have the experience of abundance, freedom, joy and power. What if we attended to the quality of our lives rather than chased a dollar in order to get to a time when we have the leisure and finances to enjoy life? Let's enjoy life now. One way we can do that is through learning. There is amazing power in education, especially when we are inspired by the subjects and by our teachers.

Areas of Interest: 
the digital nation,
and kids