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Victoria Bergsagel

Victoria Bergsagel is an educator passionate about designing schools where all students achieve. She founded and directs Architects of Achievement and has a gift for nurturing people's talents and insights to arrive at inspired solutions. Harvard-educated, Victoria has been a teacher, principal, adjunct professor, community relations director, and school district administrator. As director of educational design in a large school district, she led the educational program planning upon which the construction of new schools was based. She also served as a director of educational partnerships at Talaris Research Institute where she worked with researchers and educators to conduct, integrate, and interpret the world's leading brain research. Victoria now works to bridge the worlds of education and architecture serving as a consultant, featured speaker, and design jurist for clients in the US and abroad. She currently sits on the Council of Educational Facilities Planners International Foundation & Charitable Trust Board of Trustees. Victoria has written a book (Architecture for Achievement), produced videos, conducted research, and written several articles on school design. Whether working in the US, or on projects in Asia, the Middle East, Central America, or Europe, Victoria's passion lies in helping people realize their hopes and dreams for their communities and children. Her heart, intelligence and skill set allow her to help groups think beyond normal boundaries to inspired solutions.

Areas of Interest: 
biking and writing. (Wrote Architecture for Achievement: