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Michael Griffin

After more than 20-years as a music educator and administrator in Adelaide and Dubai, Michael now works as an education trainer, working mainly for independent schools around the world. In Australia he was presented with the Education and Arts Ministers' Award in 2006 and was nominated for a National Teaching Excellence award in 2005. Michael has won many significant national and state prizes as a choral and jazz ensemble director, and is regularly in Europe, Asia and the Middle East as a clinician and conference presenter. Most recently Michael was guest speaker at the European Commission for Independent Schools' 2009 conference in Hamburg. As an author, Michael has recently published the 'Music and Keyboard in the Classroom' series, and 'Modern Harmony Method', and is presently working on a book about effective learning. He writes for publications in Australia and England, incluing Rhinegold UK's Classroom Music series.

Areas of Interest: 
music education,
music psychology,
multiple intelligence,
the synthesis of ideas,
transdisciplinary thinking