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Nettie Barrow

Hi my name is Nettie Barrow and I currently reside in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2005 I relocated to Virginia with my family from Plainfield, New Jersey. My husband and I are the proud parents of two children.

I worked in the corporate industry for the majority of my adult life. I recently returned to the work force where I now work as an auditor for a behavioral healthcare company. I enrolled in the Individualized Degree Program in May 2010. The path that lead me to pursing my Masters in Education started when I was very young. While I have little formal experience as a teacher, during summers I taught young children of migrant seasonal farm workers to help finance my college expenses. These workers along with their families would travel from various parts of the country up and down the eastern coast. Some of the parents of the children did not speak English fluently so I took it upon myself to set up classes to teach English to the parents as well as the children. The smiles and heartfelt "thank you" that I received from the children as well as their parents were (to quote Hallmark) "priceless." I learned from that experience that the essence of living is not how much we can afford, but how much we can give.

In addition to seeking my Masters in Education degree I am also hoping to enter the Career Switcher program here at Regent. This will further enhance my professional goals of becoming a licensed teacher in the very near future.

Nettie Barrow

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