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Numbered Notes

I am a computer animation instructor who got into learning to play music. When I attempted to learn to read music notation I immediately began to ask "why" was it designed the way it was. It turns out that our current 300 year old music notation is so hard to learn because it was never designed for what it currently does! So as a computer guy I looked at this problem like a User Interface issue and looked at why it is hard to use and how to improve it.

Originally there were only 7 notes A-G and later in the medieval ages 5 additional notes were added. These are sharps and flats referred to as accidentals. The problem was that the system was never "relabeled" for these new notes and these new notes were just squeezed in between the original 7 notes.

The Numbered Notes solution is to label each note 1-12, redesign the staff and update the timing system so that it is easy to learn and superior in functionality. We have developed this with professional musicians and believe this has the opportunity to revolutionize music notation to the point where music literacy could raise over 90%! Try our website piano for yourself at
Our goal is to improve different forms of education by redesigning the information systems that we currently use.

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