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Anthony Armstrong

For the past fifteen years, I have proudly worked as an educator in various classrooms, from grades five to eleven. During that time, I have taught an extensive range of subjects, from U.S. History and World Geography, to Algebra, Geometry, Literature, Web 2.0, and even Speech and Debate. As diverse as the list of courses I have taught, so too have been the many students who have passed through my classroom door. From Brillion, Wisconsin, to Katy, Texas, and now in Seoul, South Korea, I have been enriched and challenged by a diverse group of students throughout my teaching career who have come from various academic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Aside from the classroom, my other talents would most likely include playing and coaching the sport of basketball. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play college basketball, and thanks in part to the teaching styles of the excellent coaches I had throughout my athletic career, I learned not only how to play the game, but also how to create positive working environments. Furthermore, I have taken learned to facilitate learning and individual growth through structure and discipline and to establish positive relationships amongst not only the players, but also with their teachers, families, and the outside community.

I have also become very interested in the paradigm shift that technology is creating in our world today and how it is challenging our thoughts on schools, learning, and education. After working as an international teacher in South Korea and in collaborating with other international educators and students throughout the world, I have learned first hand of the greater need for us to significantly improve the standards and rigors of the education we provide our children in the States. If we intend to maintain America's status and innovative edge in the world of tomorrow, administrators, teachers, parents, and students must be more creative, innovative, and daring in changing and improving the educational system and teaching practices we have in place today.

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