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I'm a reforming perfectionist as I have finally realized that when working with students and colleagues the traits of flexibility, accountability, rigor, and empathy are far more important than having perfect worksheets, impressive presentations or well-written lesson plans. I have a passion for relevancy in education, and am currently in a program for my Master's in Instructional Design and Technology. The highest compliment my students can pay to me is that I challenged them. At its core, my instruction strives to teach students how to understand themselves and the world around them through our amazing capacity for language (reading and writing). I strive to live by example in respecting myself and others as Gandhi's (one of my role models) famous quote states,"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

I constantly battle to balance my dreams of travel with my desire to be close to my family and friends who I value so much. My two younger sisters, also world travelers, are my heros for their inspirational dreams and perseverence in pursuing them. My travel partner (and husband) is an incredible teacher, friend, and spouse who I could not imagine living without. I love to work on weekend projects with him, and discuss how our passion for learning will mold our future. We pour our lives into our jobs, our students, our friends and each other.

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