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Muhammad Eissa

Muhammad S. Eissa is Colgate University's NEH Professor of the Humanities in Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic Civilization. He is also the President of EISSA & ASSOCIATES, Inc., a Consulting and Educational firm providing services in the areas of Arabic/Islamic studies and professional development. Dr. Eissa has been actively engaged in innovative projects promoting Arabic and Islamic studies with special interests in research and teachers' training, application of modern pedagogical methodologies and use of technology in teaching foreign/second languages. He is continuing contribution to several other academic activities including promotion of contemporary Islamic thought, translation and editing classical Islamic texts. Dr. Eissa has rendered services in his field to numerous educational institutions world-wide. He is an active member in national and international professional organizations like MESA, ACTFL, and NCLCTL. Dr. Eissa received his education at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, and post doctoral studies at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He has taught Arabic lang./literature and Islamic studies in Egypt and USA at the American University in Cairo, Northwestern Unvisited, Brigham Young University, University of Michigan and University of Chicago.

Areas of Interest: 
Arabic lang. & Literature,
Islamic studies,
pedagogy of language teaching and learning,
teacher training.