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Ted Nellen

Ted Nellen, Cybrarian, educational consultant, staff developer, is an English teacher at Westside High School in NYC. He has been a technology staff developer for NYCDOE as well as an adjunct professor at Teachers College, Fordham University and Marlboro College and a guide and TA for Classroom Connect University. He began teaching high school English in 1974. He began using computers in his NYC public high school Cyber English
class in 1983, using the Internet since 1985, using the WWW since 1993. He is a Shakespeare scholar, A Carnegie scholar, a conference speaker, a published author, and has been named teacher of the year twice in NYC public schools. As an acquaintance of his tells him, "You have your fingers in everything related to technology and education." A detailed list of publications, presentations, education, and honors can be found at his on line resume: email:

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