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Grant Zimmerman

Through hundreds of active, project based Professional Development sessions as a Senior Education Consultant with KNS, he inspires teachers, support staff, and administrators to plan units of study that integrate thinking and technology. Grant contributes to Hewlett Packard's web site, Digital Learning Environments, via a twice monthly blog at .

Grant also works as a Faculty Member at The National Paideia Center, , at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Before joining the staff at The National Paideia Center, Mr. Z, as he was affectionately known by his students, parents, and colleagues taught elementary and middle school students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro schools over 30 years. Along with his work with KNS, Grant conducts professional development on the Paideia Seminar, the Paideia Project, and integrating technology in unit planning. The ultimate goal of Paideia and KNS is to teach all students to think. To this end, the Paideia educator uses three types of instruction to enhance literacy, problem solving, and thinking skills of all students.

He is a strong voice for the technology integration, Peer Coaching, and the Paideia Program of Active Learning. Students continue learning for a lifetime when they believe their learning is relevant to the real world. Through the active, collaborative dialogue elicited in a Paideia Seminar and the application of skills and technology in the Paideia Project students remain engaged in their learning.

High Seas Adventure, Shakespeare Lives, Economic Endeavors, and My Country, My Congress, are some of the technology integrated Paideia Project units he has created.

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