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Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D.

I have been engaged in the study of consciousness and worldview transformation for decades. As a scientist, I have been interested in how people change their beliefs and worldviews--and what inhibits them from doing so. As an educator, I have sought to find compelling ways to engage students in their own worldviews. As a parent I began looking for ways to help my son experience the dynamic cultures and lifeways that are represented in the world--and to give him tools for respecting the views of others. As President of the Instititute of Noetic Sciences, I have had the change to explore bridges between science and our inner wisdom. Now, with a multidisciplinary team of scientists and educators, we have created and grown the worldview literacy program and and now in high schools and community colleges. Our goal is to create a program that can be brought to scale and that will connect classrooms across the world and across worldviews.

Areas of Interest: 
transformative education

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