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Barbora Bridle

My journey as an educator began in 2002, when I received my teaching certification, and later my Master's in Education from California State University. Foundational and formative to my classroom experience were six years of teaching in a high achieving and highly diverse public school system in Irvine, California. However, my path in this field has also included a variety of other interesting experiences such as teaching outdoor science to inner-city kids, volunteering at a center for street children in Oaxaca, Mexico, and teaching adults English and Czech as a second language.

I interned at DC Public Schools on the Human Capital Team which had just launched the new teacher evaluation system, IMPACT. I was able to transfer and translate these skills to an overseas post in Islamabad, Pakistan, where I advised and reported on pre-service teacher preparation project funded by USAID.

Currently I am the Director of Professional Development in a private school in the Washington DC area.

Areas of Interest: 
teacher support and development,
investment in teachers and staff,
communication about amazing professionals who teach kids and what they are doing well,
quality instruction and curriculum,
yoga in schools,
education reform