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I have my B.A. in Industrial Design, and I love to create solutions to problems. I am a very innovative and creative individual who believes in the reaching powers of exploring learning. I am a natural artist, and writer, and I love to learn and design through music. I have worked as and archeological illustrator,in Greece, and now I am finishing my Graduate studies in teaching credentialing - Special Education, elementary education, and secondary education in art. I am intersted in finding creative ways to engage students to open doors for them where their were once walls; to be participants and directors in their learning experience, through innovative techniques and strategies. My objective is to empower students in their learning process so that they attain enduring understanding, and achieve a confidence in knowing that they "did it". I advocate for students' rights to a superb education. It is important to their individual growth that students feel self-validated, in their ability to accomplish goals and see things through, with enthusiasm. It is essential that students' activities connect across curricula, and have meaning for them--Learning is circular. My goal is to teach to the senses of students. In other words, when I create lessons, I like to think about the objectives in terms of how to connect with students intellectually, visually, and emotionally-will my lessons turn them on, to want to learn more, or will my lessons turn them off; I want to "WOW" my students, through the use of creative and innovative measures. Imagine a good movie, and that lasting impression it leaves in your mind-sometimes for years to come; this is how I want to teach. I imagine igniting students' natural passion for learning, by engaging them so that they connect to what is being taught in an enlightening, and impacting manner.
Innovation and creativity, are keys for encouraging each individual student through their uniqueness in how they express themselves, and in how they learn.
Howard Gardner, Sir Ken Robinson, and Erin Gruwell are my educational Heroes.

Areas of Interest: 
Curriculum Design,
Visual and Performing Arts,
Art history,
Social Studies,
and Music

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