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Russ Moore

Russ is the Founder and CEO of Seamless Education Associates, Inc. He has served in the public and private sectors for more than 30 years. In the public sector, he has worked for the Governor of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Department of Economic Development. In the private sector, he has been Vice President of Marketing and Development for Education Networks of America (Nashville, Tennessee), a TV and media producer for national networks and Fortune 500 companies, and has started and run several businesses. He has a Masters of Education in Education Administration and Supervision with a focus in Business from Arizona State University. He served as the CEO of a national model high school and workforce development charter school (Central Educational Center in Newnan, Georgia) from 2003-2005. While at CEC and through his consulting firm, Russ has helped start 17 "college and career academies" as charter schools in Georgia. He has helped seven of these schools apply for and secure $3 million facility grants (each) from the state, accounting for more than $21 million in grant funds, or 45% of all awarded funds from this state program over the last three years.

While at CEC, Russ was the only school administrator in the nation invited by ACTE to testify before Congress in 2005 in support of the reauthorization of the Perkins Act.

Areas of Interest: 
Education Reform,
Workforce Development,
College Prep,
Career Pathways,
Charter Schools

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