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Susan Murrell Castaneda MS, NBCT

I am the Founder & CEO of Equine Alchemy Southwest. Equine Alchemy Southwest delivers experiential learning for teachers and educational leaders that explores Personal Leadership and Transformation Through the Way of the Horse.

I hold a Master's degree in Special Education/Psychology, having taught Gifted and Special Needs children and youth for most of my 32 years in Education. I am Nationally Board Certified in Early Adolescent English Language Arts, and I bring to my work an understanding of teaching and learning. I support teachers and educational leaders in understanding what they have learned; interpreting and integrating that information in a non-judgmental, compassionate manner into their "heart's desire" for genuine change.

As a former district level Administrator, I bring leadership training and experience to the Personal Leadership Series and the Teacher Leadership Academy from University of NM and University of Virginia; Darden-Curry Educational Leadership Cohort.

Always a teacher... and lover of horses, I bring to the Teacher Leadership Academy the concept of intersubjectivity as experienced through the horse/human relationship.

"Intersubjectivity, the sharing of subjective states by two or more sentient beings, allows us to integrate the deep insights revealed to us in an equine partnership. Such an integration offers us a perspective of embodied knowingness and deep connection with our personal power."

Areas of Interest: 
Exploration of visionary leadership,
emotional intelligence and agility and social transformation,
practice of integral,
transformative change leadership,
personal leadership,
integral personal practice.

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