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Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman, is a graduate of Western Michigan University, Indiana University, and Johns Hopkins University's. He has partnered with ISTE and various educational, governmental, and business organizations. He oversees the Integrated Solutions Block, a 21st century program serving 950 students integrating technology with core standards, at Woodside Middle School near Fort Wayne, Indiana. He recently presented at NECC 2009 in Washington DC, Alan November's "Building Learning Communities 2009" in Boston, and NE Indiana Region 8.He has participated in Project VISM at James Madison University and Project Lead The Way at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His pursuit of 21st century learning has included leading a state delegate on Capitol Hill, presenting at the Indiana State Rotunda Day for technology, and participation in efforts to initiate PBL for middle schools in Indiana. Mike will be presenting at the 2009 National Middle School Conference, providing video conferences, and contributing to NMSC's 21st Century Classroom. He will also be providing a session at the University of Indianapolis CELL (Center of Excellence in Leadership and Learning) 2009 Indiana Education Transformation Conference.

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21st Century Skill Development,
Technology Integration,

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