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Jennifer Gopinathadasi Woodward

DOB: 12/27/44, former transsexual (MtF), officially female since Oct. 1979. Home: S.W. SF by SFSU. Health: well recovered from aorta valve replacement surgery done 3/2000. Still struggling with PTSD acquired from grossly insufficient treatment of my TS condition and congenital aorta valve problem. But medications since 2005 have considerably helped improve my functionality.

Self-taught computer programmer, systems analyst, systems designer since 1966. BS Computer Science, BS Applied Math, BA Psychology (cognitive), MA Instructional Technology -- all course work completed in the 1980s at SFSU. Received a Dept. of Education grant in 1997 to investigate "in earnest" full-time ways to create virtual classrooms, virtual schools, and an object-oriented distributed "educational operating environment" (EOE) with what soon became the emergence of CMSes (so-called web 2.0 server-side frameworks, currently part of what I call the CMS swamp, few to none of which my yet be web 2.1+). See for more information, a site I've not much updated since the 2010 GOP win of the US House of Representatives and my preoccupation with building out a very progressive educational political web site, since then. (Built w/ Joomla, soon to be cloned and improved as a Drupal+OpenEDU site.)

PS: Edutopia, which I might like to work for, may be better positioned, staffed, and funded to build-out your organization, your web site and 1+ sub-systems on your site in ways that are better developed, more truly widely and deeply educationally appropriate than can be my web site for which I do not yet have another grant or another site developer. But we'll see...

Areas of Interest: 
enabling effective distance learning including tutoring,
integrating AI with distance learning and tutoring,
R&D of improvements to CMSes and LMSes