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Faith Martian

I am unhappy with the current "teach to the test" method of teaching in the public schools. My kids are smart and BORED in the classroom. I use K12 online public school, and my oldest is attending 9th grade pt in brick and mortar school and pt online. They were told on the first day of school to bring their cellphones, because the computers run so slow they are basically useless. The elementary schools receive computers when another school upgrades, so they also run too slow to be of much use. Also, kids are not being taught history, and do not know about politics and government. It is sad. I am a Registered Dietitian and have my MBA, and would like to go back to work, but feel that educating my kids has become more important at this point in time. I am also on a committee working to educate kids about healthy eating in the schools and their lives, and would love to get gardens growing in the schools!

Areas of Interest: 
Political Science/Civics