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Teri Suzanne

I have spent the last 30 years in Tokyo teaching, developing edutainment products, conducting field research, and performing on stage and on television. Returning to California, my vision and creative mission is to impact the education of young learners and the educators and adults who teach them by introducing a "cutting edge" fine motor/art education alternative. I believe that the future depends not only on how we use and develop technology but on how children learn to confidently use their hands and successfully communicate with others. I am an advocate of fine motor/ art education and bilingual education.

I don many hats including, Bilingual Specialist (English/Japanese), Fine Motor/Art Educator, Cut Paper Artist, Author/Illustrator, Edutainment Creator, Producer and Consultant, Songwriter, Motivational Speaker and Voice Actor. My most recent collaborative work is the bilingual Ehon-ya App (iPad now, iPhone soon). I believe that each and every child is a creative genius and that we adults and educators have a responsibility to help children discover their magnificent potential.

Areas of Interest: 
ECE-K art/fine motor/bilingual education and product development,
professional development training

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