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GeGe Drozen

I am the Resource Specialist at Minarets High School, a one-to-one laptop/projects-based campus in O'Neals, CA. I am currently working on my M.A. in Educational Technology and I have a B.A. in Management and Organizational Development and a Clear Level II teaching credential in Special Education- Mild/Moderate.

Before teaching, I was actually a Level II Social Worker for CPS and realized that the children I worked with who displayed various forms of disabilities had a much higher chance of abuse and educational neglect. That, along with my own experience with my adult son who has disabilities led me to become a Special Education teacher. My twelve years of teaching students with learning disabilities has been an amazing experience and I have become a valuable resource for teachers and parents. I am frequently sought out for answers to questions regarding IEPs, special education issues, transition IEPs, and how to prepare special education students for the world after high school.

Areas of Interest: 
special education,
one-to-one laptops,