George Lucas Educational Foundation

Vincent Ong

I am creative design researcher for Opposable Thumbs. Our clients are non-profits, government offices, and businesses open to our creative communication and business development process.

My personal passion is education in the development sector. Currently, I have a side job as "salesman" to integrate into schools. Jakenpoy is a a free educational video game for elementary kids ( It is free via sponsors that place advertisements before the games. I have worked in curriculum development for value education programs in the Philippines and St.Lucia.

Aside from education innovation as personal love, I am interested in Edutopia as I am starting a free site for children's content called Halo Halo World. The site will be free once again via advertisements. So, I am here to see what is out there and share with fellow like minded individuals. Cheers!

Areas of Interest: 
values education,
peace education,
fund raising