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Amy Seidman

My name is Amy Seidman. Titles have included Creative Director, Multidisciplinary Artist, Inventor & Mad Scientist of Digital Media. I tell stories across multiple forms of technology. I understands, navigate and architect within a landscape of convergence and transmedia. My work includes being an internationally published photographer, digital media geek, interactive designer, creative director, filmmaker, and musician.

Thankfully I have enjoyed many adventures in professional creative endeavors including working for majore entertainment studios and corporate clients building some of the first websites. Shooting celebrities to magazine spreads for cool projects. Now I am most passionate about educating people around nature and culture. Connecting youth through digital media and technology. For using the tools and knowledge I have acquired to inspire others about these marvelous natural wonders for future generations.

Recent endeavors: Partnership with Breaking Barriers to and input in developing, to connect youth to the outdoors, alongs with SNRI Scientific Visualization Fellowship including videos, photography, and other digital media products. Currently a resident artist with c3 AIR at Vortex Dome at LA Center Studios evolving water media into programming for immersive dome space.

Areas of Interest: 
Digital Media,