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Michael Darden

After a successful 20 year career in Supply Chain and Logistics, developing and implementing technology solutions that used handheld devices for mobile workers collecting data, I formed a company called A Deeper View LLC to create a configurable technology tool that would support an Instructors need to identify improvement or regression from direct instruction. I built a prototype to help my kids, and was able to identify all of their desired elements (Reinforcers) and there specific reactive behaviors (Secondary Behaviors) and over 3 months was able to eliminate unwanted behaviors, by identifying the cause, and determining my response, and graphically seeing how my Instruction was changing behavior.
As a person who wants to help in every way possible to see each and every person reach their highest potential, I wanted to share this tool with Instructors and Learners all over the world who journey with Autism in their lives. A Deeper View researched the previous Issued and Submitted Patents and found that this concept had been developed years before by Dr. Michael Behrmann from George Mason Universities - Director of the Keller Institute for Human disabilities. ADV and GMU entered into a License Agreement and the relationship created the "ADV KIHd System".
Dr. Berhmann and his team originally conceived a web based tool they referred to as the "KIHd System". They theorized that an easy to use measuring device that was configurable to the specific learners Targets could help standardize the means in which improvement or regression is measured for a students' specific "Target".

Areas of Interest: 
Individual Education Instruction,
Universal learning Design