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Jacki Scholle

I am a life-long resident of Alaska. I was a stay-at-home mom when the Exxon Valdez oil spill happened in Valdez, Alaska. The effects of that oil spill are still felt by not only the residents who depend on Prince William Sound for their livelihoods and lifestyles, but also by the environment. Oil can still be found on the beaches.

I have taught for 14 years in different capacities including as a preschool teacher, elementary teacher, in special programs, and now as a high school special education teacher. There are many things I love about teaching. Perhaps one of my favorite aspects is that I am always learning along with the students. I rarely get bored with my job. Another aspect that I enjoy is when the lightbulbs go on during those "I get it!" moments. There are other aspects of teaching that I enjoy and appreciate, but those two are very important to me.

Areas of Interest: 
research on topics that interest me,
lifelong learning,
my family

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